Vanalaya Chamomile Flower Herbal Tea For Better Sleep 100g

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  • CAFFEINE FREE: Tea offers a variety of caffeine content depending on the tea. This Herbal tea has no caffeine, perfect to calm you down at night.
  • ONLY THE FINEST QUALITY: Our expert blenders source only the finest leaves cultivated to our exacting standards by trusted growers around the world. From these tea gardens we hand-select the leaves that will shape your next moment. A gentle touch of pure and natural goodness, the brew is free from sugar, preservatives and any flavoring.
  • DELICIOUS AND SOOTHING – Chamomile has a fruity and floral flavour profile. It’s the perfect choice for a relaxing, calming cup of herbal tea. Chamomile flowers are carefully dried at low temperatures in order to keep their potency.
  • REAL LOOSE-LEAF TEA: Loose leaf tea is a healthier purer way to drink tea. Bagged tea does not let you get the full flavour of the ingredients. You will need a tea ball, French press or infuser to brew this tea.Chamomile tea contains antioxidants which help in soothing the stomach. Drinking a cup of chamomile tea may relieve an upset stomach.
  • CHAMOMILE TEA: A relaxing herbal tea expertly blended using only 100% pure camomile blossoms to deliver a soothing tea with a soft, floral aroma and smooth taste.


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