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edible sandalwood oil
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The sandalwood oil is produced from sandalwood trees, which are associated with the Santalum genus. This organic product comes inclusive of various distinct aromatic compounds that prove highly beneficial for your notable health. For swiping off such discomforts like anxiety and sleep deprivation, Vanalaya has introduced edible sandalwood oil. Well, not only for the above two mentioned discomforts but it has also led to the whitening of the user’s skin as well as notable weight loss. Sandalwood oil is counted amongst the healthiest as well as the highly essential oils, which are found useful in aromatherapy.

With such a monotonous schedule of the people living all across the world, they have started getting lesser or minimal time for themselves. As a result of such a busy life, anxiety and sleep disorder have become common. Such physical shortcomings have proved to affect productivity and also be disadvantageous for a human’s well-being.

There are plenty of edible sandalwood oil benefits, and thus you should add this to your diet if you haven’t started using it yet. Its coveted fragrance is heart-stealing, and therefore, it’s also used in various cosmetics, soaps, and perfumes. Whether it’s a religious ceremony or a spiritual practice, good sandalwood has always played a proficient role. According to those following Buddhism, sandalwood’s aroma would help you in keeping your mind at a single place.

Edible Sandalwood oil Benefits:

  • Improves your mental as well as physical well-being
  • Protects your body from urinary tract infections and also treats the same
  • Reduces your anxiety levels, fatigue, and issues related to the gallbladder
  • Its aroma is used to control the user’s emotions
  • Promotes healthier skin effectively
  • Assists in treating obesity
  • Causes to the whitening of your skin.

Features of edible sandalwood oil:

  1. Sandalwood oil hails with a warm, smooth, and creamy scent
  2. Doesn’t contain any artificial fillers
  3. Safe to use
  4. Long-lasting
  5. Comes in a well-sealed pack

Edible sandalwood oil benefits in detail:

Whether we mention about the traditional Chinese medicines or Ayurveda, edible sandalwood oil is known as an element that has physical and mental benefits. None of its users has ever left dissatisfied with its usage since its benefits are available in abundance. Let’s have a more in-depth look into the various edible sandalwood oil benefits mentioned below:

  • Controls emotional responses in the body: According to the aromatherapy, if you inhale sandalwood’s aroma, it’s going to enable your skin to transmit the essential messages to the brain. These are way too helpful in controlling your emotions. Thus, sandalwood oil helps in the managing of emotional as well as a physiological response.
  • Helpful to treat anxiety: Edible sandalwood oil is known to be the perfect assistance when it comes to the alleviation of stress. Also, it’s quite notable that women dealing with breast cancer would experience relaxation in their anxiety disorder.
  • Helpful for curing insomnia: This organic product is responsible for facilitating consumers with healthier sleep. Thus, it’s a perfect aid, especially for the insomniacs.
  • Edible sandalwood oil for skin whitening: As entailed, its usage is quite effective in improving complexion. Apply a small quantity of sandalwood oil on the face and massage gently. It removes tan and also acts as a toner for the face. It is because there is an existence of tyrosinase and cholinesterase in it.
  • Treats Acne: With the prevalence of many anti-inflammatories as well as antimicrobial properties, sandalwood is known to be a proper help for treating acne. Well, not only the acne, but it’s also beneficial in healing other skin problems such as warts, eczema, etc. You can apply a thin layer of this sandalwood oil on the affected area.
  • Fights against oxidative stress: Sandalwood comes inclusive of oxidative enzymes; thus, it plays a vital role against the prominent oxidative stress. The edible sandalwood oil would put an end to the pro-inflammatory chemokines. Thus, making it worthy of aging.
  • Treats urinary tract: There are many antiseptic, antipyretic, and diuretic properties present in the edible sandalwood oil. It flushes out toxins and also removes the infection from the body. These serve as a great help when it comes to the curing of various diseases associated with the urinary tract.
  • Helpful against respiratory problems: Due to its various antiseptic properties, sandalwood oil would be the best assistance in treating other ailments such as dysuria, bronchitis, and cystitis.
    Good for weight loss: You can also consume edible sandalwood oil for weight loss. Its constituents would help you in lowering down your weight and give you a healthy physique.

How to use sandalwood oil?

There are various ways of using sandalwood oil. It has to be noted that its usage totally depends upon the form in which you use it. It is found in perfumes and air fresheners, and in that case, you would use its aroma just like any other perfume.
Following are the recommended ways of using edible sandalwood oil for daily use:

  • You can add a few drops of edible sandalwood oil to any cooking oil (unscented) to add mild sandalwood flavor to your foodstuff.
  • Apply it directly on your skin on the affected area for treating acne, skin diseases, and removing tan.
  • For aromatherapy, you can add a few drops of sandalwood oil in a kettle of water. Heat that kettle, and that helps scent your home.
  • Alternatively, you can also use an essential oil infuser, and you may start evaporating it.
  • Add a few drops of this sandalwood oil to your bathwater
  • For applying the sandalwood oil on your face and gain its anti-aging benefits, you can also add a few drops of this oil with an unscented lotion. Once done, you can directly apply it to your face.
  • You will begin to notice changes in skin complexion, acne, and other skin problems within four weeks of usage.
  • For using it as a skincare product, you would have to mix it with a kind of base oil. It is used for treating your dry skin.

Other Essential Oil from Vanalaya Online Store

Following are some of the best customers choices which you can pick up from Vanalaya store:
Jasmine Essential Oil: The pleasantly scented jasmine oil can relieve tension and anxiety when it is inhaled. When applied to the lower abdomen, it can also be useful to ease the menopausal symptoms such as cramps and hot flashes.
Moroccan Argan Oil: This oil is obtained from the fruits of Argan oil. It is rich in vitamins and minerals, which makes it beneficial for hair and skin. Being rich in antioxidants, they can protect against the growing skin cells.

Why should you buy edible sandalwood oil from Vanalaya ?

Vanalaya has been continually proving as the most proficient organization that promotes healthy living. With its organic products, you are going to get a good number of benefits and that too, with no dissatisfaction. Their products are accompanied by a top-notch quality, and the most renowned as well as demanded products are their essential oils, and one of them is edible sandalwood oil. There is a whole array of products, and each one of them is free from any kind of deadly chemicals. So, if you are looking forward to any organic products’ facilitator, you can undoubtedly rely on Vanalaya Organics.

Edible sandalwood oil for weight loss is considered to be the most common function of this aromatic component. Organic products have always been recognized as more perfect than the artificial ones since they contain no chemicals.

Which is the best sandalwood oil?
They are various factors that you would have to look upon while buying the best sandalwood oil. Presently, the highly perfect and very favored sandalwood in the market is none other than the Vanalaya Organics edible sandalwood oil. It hails with premium quality and is free from chemicals.

Does edible sandalwood oil help in weight loss?
Edible sandalwood oil is of excellent assistance for losing weight. It’s because this oil is eminent in calming your nervous system. The easing of the nervous system helps in curbing your overall emotional eating habits.

What are the benefits of edible sandalwood oil?
The benefits of edible sandalwood oil are innumerable, and you are surely going to get amazed after knowing about them. These benefits are mentioned below:
It helps in weight loss.
It helps in whitening your skin.
It improves your mental alertness.
It helps in curing your urinary tract’s ailments.
You can rely on edible sandalwood oil for healing and fading your scar tissue.
It is the most exceptional antiseptic agent.

Can sandalwood oil be used directly on the skin?
It’s allowed to apply the sandalwood oil on your skin. You just need to put a few drops of this oil on your skin and massage for a while for the desired results.

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