Vanalaya Desi Gir Cow Ghee Prepared With Traditional Bilona Method


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Made From 100% Certified A2 Milk with Traditional Bilona Method

Gir Cow Ghee – A teaspoon of health and taste

Ghee or clarified butter has been an original part of Indian cuisine for centuries. It has never failed to enhance the flavour of Indian savoury and sweet dishes. It is brimming with health benefits. Gir ghee, made from pure milk of Gir cow, which is famous for producing a2 quality of milk. It teems with a2 protein and helps in building a healthy and disease-free body. You can also find the benefits of ghee in the Ayurveda.

The process of making Gir desi cow ghee is conventional, unlike the method used by others of using raw cream. It includes churning of pure butter made from the a2 milk of local Gir cow. The butter is further left for simmering to get the top quality of ghee. Gir ghee is cholesterol and fat-free and has good bacteria.

What is Gir ghee?

  • Gir cow ghee or clarified butter is a dairy product. Its use in cooking is for escalating the flavour and nutrition level of food. A2 Cow ghee is made from churning the milk of local cows. These cows feed on fresh grass of organic farms.
  • The milk is then removed using hands and is boiled on firewood, making the whole process 100% pure and conventional.
  • The curd is then churned to make butter. Then it boils in brass containers to give the pure taste. It has health benefits like that of homemade butter.
  • The milk used in making the ghee goes under strict quality check.
  • The further process is traditional.  Other companies use the latest technology which destroys all the right properties.
  • Vanalaya Gir ghee makes sure it uses the grandmother techniques to give you pure and organic cow ghee.
  • Gir ghee is an excellent source of protein and has numerous medical benefits. The texts of Ayurveda and other scriptures prove that using ghee in food will fight disease. It will make your body healthy.
  • The process used is the traditional ‘bilona’ method. It tries to incorporate the age-old techniques of Vedic culture and traditions.
  • There are misconceptions and myths regarding the consumption of milk. It is due to the modern methods used by companies.
  • It increases the level of cholesterol and fats, making ghee very unhealthy. These companies use raw cream or butter and use the rest of the milk as toned milk. But our Gir cow ghee, made from the curd of the top quality milk and it uses every ounce of it in making the pure and healthy ghee.

Why should we eat Gir ghee?

Gir ghee is the best choice to make when it comes to the selection of ghee among the various brands available in the market. The benefits of Gir cow ghee are plenty, and the purity present in the ghee enhances its taste and smell and makes your food and desserts are delicious. The creamy texture, beautiful colour, and the nutty flavour make it a treat for your taste buds. It replaces other dairy products which are not very healthy for the body.

Not only it enhances the taste of the food but also helps in improving memory, the strength of the brain, better working of the nervous system, and even the intellect of a person.  Ghee is considered as the best medicine in curing chronic diseases, increasing the immune strength and also helps in physical growth like building strong muscles and bones.

The reasons are other than good taste and health value of ghee.  One must consume it because it made from the traditional process using a2 quality of milk. It comes from Gir breed of cow which feeds on nutritious and healthy grass. It is entirely free from chemicals, pesticides, additives, and artificial substances. The colour of the ghee is natural, and no artificial colouring is present in it. It adds to the benefits of Gir cow ghee.

Gir ghee contains no casein or lactose. These are the two components which usually are allergens and causes sensitivities as a2 Gir cow ghee is free from these elements. People who are lactose allergic and dairy-sensitive can also enjoy the taste of it.

Benefits of Gir ghee

  • The benefits of Gir cow ghee are numerous. Everyone, irrespective of their age, whether a toddler or aged person. One must always consume it to stay healthy.
  • Gir ghee leads to the sustenance of microbes in the gastrointestinal tract. It helps in the promotion of effective digestion and also the elimination of waste out of our body.
  • It helps in the nourishment of the nervous system and helps our body in staying calm throughout the day. The fat present in the ghee has vitamins like A, D, E, and K helps in building hormones and metabolism.
  • Ghee benefits also include the prevention of deposits of calcium in the arteries. It often leads to blockages and stuttered blood flow.
  • It helps in lowering the bad cholesterol. It increases the right cholesterol level leading to the maintenance of a healthy body.
  • Not only in the inside of the body, but ghee also benefits the body on the outside too. It helps in the treatment of rashes, burns, and other skin problems. It works as an excellent moisturizer and oil for skin and scalp.
  • Ghee also has anti-inflammatory properties. It also has a chain of fatty acids, which helps in burning fats and bad cholesterol present in our body. Ghee also helps in treating PCOD/PCOS. It treats allergies, cough, and cold. It treats acidity and constipation. It also reduces hair fall and joint pains and cures ulcers, migraine, physical weakness, stress. It even cures cancer and many more such problems.
  • When babies and toddlers consume ghee, it makes sure that there are proper brain, body, and muscle development.

How to consume Gir ghee?/ How to use gir cow ghee :

Ghee consumption can happen in different ways for different benefits. One can enjoy it the way he wants, but few of the ways to consume a2 Gir cow ghee is;

  • mixing one teaspoon of ghee in warm milk with half spoon of turmeric to get relief from joint pains,
  • One can use it directly in roti or dal to improve metabolism,
  • regular direct intake for slowing down the ageing process,
  • one teaspoon of daily consumption of ghee by pregnant women can help them increase strength,
  • for improving digestion, one can mix ghee with jaggery and ginger powder,
  • eating ghee with Triphala can improve eye health
  • One can eat ghee in breakfast to fight depression.
  • Ghee, when applied warm on the scalp, can boost the growth of healthy hair and reduce breakage
  • . Also, you can make a solution of equal parts of ghee and gram flour and applying it on the face to get healthy skin,
  • Putting two drops of ghee on the nostrils can help in the treatment of headache and cold.
  • Ghee when used in the purification of the house.
  • To get rid of bacteria harmful substances present in the house by adding it in the sacred fire.

Where can I buy Gir ghee?

Finding a2 quality of Gir ghee in the market can be difficult and a tasking job. But now one can discover a2 at any online shopping website. One can order it with ease on its official website. One can also get it delivered in a few days at the comfort of your doorstep. It also comes with easy return and exchange policies. The Gir Cow ghee price is very reasonable and affordable, given its high and premium quality.

But fortunately we have prepared for you. You can order it from our website. Just find the gir cow ghee. Under the product section.

Some Facts About Gir cow ghee

  • Gir cow ghee comes from the fermented and grass-fed cow’s milk. It then gets churned into butter. Then it is simmered to remove all the impurities and milk solids. It then leaves behind only pure nutritional goodness.
  • It is gluten-free. It can be consumed by people who are lactose intolerant and dairy- sensitive.
  • The smoke point of the ghee is very high, which is up to 250C. It a delicious and healthy substitute for oil and butter, and it will not break into free radicals.
  • The shelf life of ghee is longer, and when heated on high temperatures, it is the most stable cooking fat.
  • An interesting fact about ghee is that it is often called clarified butter. But in reality, defined butter has more moisture. The consistency is quite liquidy. Ghee, in contrast, boils to the point till all the moisture evaporates. The milk is left caramelized and also filtered.
  • Cow ghee contains short as well as the medium-chain of fatty acids. It is known to be beneficial for health and especially heart health.
  • The fat content present in our body known as saturated fats is abundant, and 3% comes from other types. Ghee helps in maintaining this ratio, which is very important. It helps in knowing the health and well-being.
  • The Gir Cow ghee is the only type of ghee which is melted below the human body temperature. It gets rid of harmful cholesterols.
  • It is also considered the best medicine, according to the Ayurvedic sciences.

The lives of today’s generation are high-speed. People are using unhealthy and artificial products without realizing its detrimental effects on our body. The use of natural and pure ingredients is vanishing. People are suffering from many lifestyles and chronic diseases for this reason. The use of age-old products. And importantly, the techniques of making them are being replaced by modern technology. It doesn’t value the importance of health and purity.

Gir ghee is a form of yellow elixir which obtained from conventional methods. The cow ghee benefits are a modern-day blessing for us. One must use Gir ghee in daily consumption to get maximum benefits from it.

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