Vanalaya kumkumadi tailam

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Vanalaya kumkumadi tailam for skin lightening, Anti-ageing, Night serum for face and glowing skin 12ml

Vanalaya Kumkumadi Tailam / Kumkumadi Oil

If you are on the look-out for an ayurvedic product that will take care of all your skin problems and make your skin glow naturally, Kumkumadi Tailam is the product that you should buy. You can easily order Kumkumadi tailam online India through Vanalaya Organics to start enjoying its benefits.
The name kumkumadi is derived from the Sanskrit word kumkum, which denotes saffron as it is the crucial ingredient of this miraculous potion. You can order kumkumadi oil in India from our website or search for our brans in amazon/Flipkart.

Vanalaya Kumkumadi Oil uses

There are numerous Kumkumadi tailam uses, as it is reputed for its healing, as well as cosmetic benefits for the skin. Kumkumadi tailam uses range from, applying it for skin nourishment to using it as a moisturizer or a toner.
Many people use kumkumadi tailam for acne since it helps them to clear their skin and get rid of the scars. Kumkumadi tailam is very safe to use and does not cause any adverse effects on the skin. The Kumkumadi tailam online India comes at an affordable price.

Benefits of Kumkumadi Tailam

  • Improves the skin tone
  • Lessens the dark circles
  • Fights against hyper-pigmentation
  • Removes signs of ageing on the skin
  • Eradicates scars and blemishes
  • Add shine to the dull skin
  • Takes care of discolouration of the skin
  • Rejuvenates the skin cells
  • Fights skin infections
  • Features of Vanalaya’s Kumkumadi Tailam
  • Has only natural herbal ingredients
  • Entirely safe for the skin
  • Very easy to use
  • Keeps your skin young and healthy

Benefits of Kumkumadi Oil in detail:

  • Improves the tone of the skin: You can apply Kumkumadi oil to the face to enhance the skin tone. It contains saffron, which is known for its ability to improve the complexion. It enhances the blood circulation and rejuvenates the cells of the skin. To get beautiful skin that will be praised and envied by others, order Kumkumadi tailam online India.
  • Removes dark circles: Another Kumkumadi tailam usage is for lessening the dark circles under your eyes. Two drops of the oil applied under the eyes overnight will reduce the dark circles and brighten the skin.
  • Repairs hyper-pigmentation of the skin: The components of Kumkumadi tailam inhibit the enzymes responsible for causing pigmentation due to exposure to the sun and pollution. There are also Kumkumadi tailam uses for removing the dark pigmentation that is caused by scars. All these skin issues can be resolved by applying the Kumkumadi tailam online India.
  • Removes visible ageing signs on your face: One of the most popular Kumkumadi tailam uses is for keeping the skin young by getting rid of ageing signs like fine lines and wrinkles. Regular use of Kumkumadi oil for face will help to give you a youthful look by taking back many years off your skin.
  • Removes scars on the skin: Kumkumadi tailam can remove the scars and blemishes left behind by acne effectively. It heals the marks and blemishes caused by pimples and restores the smoothness and makes the flawless. If you want clear and smooth skin, place your order for Kumkumadi tailam online India right now.
  • Adds glow to dull skin: Another of the popular Kumkumadi tailam uses is for brightening the skin and provides a subtle glow on the face. Its saffron content is well-known for improving the skin tone by promoting the flow of blood to the skin.
  • It takes care of discolouration on the skin: Kumkumadi tailam uses for treating skin discolouration is also well-known, and it is very effective, providing you with a skin that looks smooth and young. Many times dryness in the skin also causes discolouration, which can be treated with Kumkumadi tailam.
  • Rejuvenates your skin: The oil is excellent for renewing your dull and lifeless skin. It rejuvenates the skin cells and gives a fresh, youthful glow to your face. Ordering Kumkumadi tailam online India will solve all your skin woes quickly.
  • Keeps away skin infections: One of the Kumkumadi tailam uses is for keeping away fungal infections. This is because of its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial as well as anti-inflammatory properties.

How to Use Kumkumadi Tailam

Irrespective of skin type – oily, dry or mix, this tailam can effectively be applied on the face. It fights against different skin problems through its powerful ingredients.

  1. Vanalaya recommends the following steps to apply this saffron oil:
  2. After thoroughly cleansing your face with a mild face wash, pat dry your skin to use this tailam
  3. Take around 2-5 drops of Kumkumadi Tailam and apply a thin coat of this oil on the acne affected area, dark circles, pigmented area or wrinkles
  4. Gently massage the tailam with tips of the fingers
  5. Leave it for 15-20 minutes
  6. Wash with hot water
    Note: If you are applying this oil overnight, make sure to use a light coat as you are going to wash in the next morning.

Products from Vanalaya for Hair Care

Good glowing skin with poor hair health doesn’t complement each other.

''It is best to take care of hair with the skin for a beauty that is appreciated by all''.

Vanalaya has different products which can boost hair health such as onion oil and onion hair shampoo.
On account of the increasing pollution of air and water coupled with odd lifestyle choices, many people today are suffering from a variety of hair issues, such as falling hair, premature greying, scalp infections, split ends, and more. The only way to prevent and treat these hair problems is to apply regularly specially formulated hair products, such as onion hair oil and shampoo, that will nourish the hair and repair the damage caused. Regular use of these products, together with better lifestyle choices, will improve your hair and restore its strength and shine.
Onion hair oil is an excellent product that is packed with all the nutritional benefits of onions.

It contains ingredients like sulphur that not only arrest the thinning of hair but also impart the essential nutrition to the hair follicles. This causes the hair to grow thickly than before. Onion hair is also the perfect remedy for stopping and preventing early greying of hair. It is also one of the best-known treatments for baldness and is known to restore hair growth in balding areas of the hair.

Why buy from Vanalaya?

Vanalaya is reputed for creating a wide range of products that are inspired by the ancient teachings of Ayurveda. These products are created using some of the finest natural ingredients from nature, which have tremendous healing abilities for many ailments. All of the Vanalaya’s products are beautifully packaged, and the firm guarantees the purity of its ingredients.
Kumkumadi tailam is another superior product from Vanalaya that has become very popular. People who want to have a beautiful and youthful-looking skin can order Kumkumadi tailam online India. There are umpteen Kumkumadi tailam uses, and it provides a miraculous cure for many common skin ailments. To get Kumkumadi tailam online India, log on to the website of Vanalaya to place an order.
One popular use among teenagers is Kumkumadi tailam for acne. It is the best solution for getting rid of acne and also for clearing the skin of the scars caused by acne. For getting all its excellent benefits, avail of Kumkumadi tailam online India. Your skin will undergo a magical transformation and will look younger and more beautiful than before.
What is Kumkumadi oil?
Kumkumadi oil is an excellent ayurvedic oil for skincare prepared from many herbal ingredients, including saffron. There are several Kumkumadi oil uses for the skin, and it is entirely free from synthetic ingredients.
Is Kumkumadi oil good for oily skin?
It is beneficial for the skin if you do not over-use it. Avoid using a thick layer of the oil overnight. Apply one or two drops on your skin, leave it for some time and then wash the skin with a mild cleanser.
Can we apply Kumkumadi Tailam on the face?
It is excellent for the face and provides several benefits, such as healing and preventing acne, removing scars, lightening the skin tone, etc. It imparts a shine to the face and also removes the signs of ageing, such as wrinkles.
What is Kumkumadi oil made of?
Kumkumadi oil is made of herbal ingredients found in nature, such as saffron, sandal, etc. which are beneficial for the skin.

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