Vanalaya Onion Hair oil
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Vanalaya Onion Hair oil

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  • Red onion hair oil controls hair loss and helps to gain back the lost shine.
  • The vanalaya onion hair oilis paraben-free and 100% organic onion hair oil for hair.
  • Vanalaya onion hair oilis the best onion hair oil with the goodness of argan, jojoba, rosemary and black seed oil.
  • Our onionhair oil is non-sticky and non-greasy hair oil.
  • Our Oil enhances the growth of hair by penetrating the scalp.
  • Onion hair oil is suitable for all kinds of scalps.
  • Our hair oil does not have any types of harmful chemicals in it.
  • Oil can be used by anyone, regardless of age and gender.
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Vanalaya red Onion Hair Oil Overview

  • Red onion hair oil controls hair loss and helps to gain back the lost shine.
  • The vanalaya onion hair oilis paraben-free and 100% organic onion hair oil for hair.
  • Vanalaya onion hair oilis the best onion hair oil with the goodness of argan, jojoba, rosemary and black seed oil.
  • Our onionhair oil is non-sticky and non-greasy hair oil.
  • Our Oil enhances the growth of hair by penetrating the scalp.
  • Onion hair oil is suitable for all kinds of scalps.
  • Our hair oil does not have any types of harmful chemicals in it.
    1. Onion Seeds(Black): The seeds contributes to making the hair silky and healthy.
    2. Almond Oil: Almond oil has vitamin A, B1, E, B6 in it. All these nutrients make the hair look stronger and thicker. It also enhances the glow of the hair.
    3. Castor Oil: It has Vitamin E, antioxidants, and omega 6. The Oil nourishes the scalp and makes it practical for hair growth.
    4. Jojoba Oil: Jojoba oil carries nutrients like Vitamin B, E, C. It also has zinc and copper as minerals. This Oil enhances hair vitality.
    5. Olive Oil: Olive Oil hydrates the hair. It treats the hair damages occurred due to pollution, dust, and smoke.
    6. Coconut Oil: Coconut oil has fatty acids which intensively hydrates the hair. Oil can be used by anyone, regardless of age and gender.

      Types Of Ingredients Present In Vanalaya Onion Hair Oil

      A typical hair oil that is manufactured in the factory contains tons of chemicals and artificial preservatives. The substances often cause rashes and itchiness on the scalp. In place of nourishing the scalp, it results in further damage.

      The best onion hair oil, on the other hand, does not have any harmful chemicals as elements. This is what makes it safe to use. The vanalaya onion hair oil contains the following ingredients:

    • Pour 2tbsp of onion hair oil on your palm.
    • Gently massage it on your scalp enabling the Oil to penetrate properly into the roots of your hair.
    • For better results, wrap your hair in a moist hot towel for 30mins after the massage.
    • Leave the Oil for a few hours or preferably overnight for enhanced results.
    • Wash with a mild shampoo.
    • Use it thrice for a minimum of 3-4 weeks to get that healthy-looking thick hair.The hair oil also has other ingredients that help in nourishing the scalp. This Oil does not have any chemically added scent to it. The smell of this Oil comes from the natural ingredients itself. So if you are thinking of buying a perfect product for all your hair problems, then this is what you should have.

      Advantages Of Using Vanalaya Red Onion Hair Oil

      Red onion hair oil contains sulfur. Keratin nourishes the scalp with the help of amino acids. It is this acid which releases sulfur. So sulfur is essential for hair growth. When sulfur penetrates the scalp, it promotes collagen production, which helps in healthy skin cells. Benefits of onion hair oil are plenty, few of which are as follows:

      •     Onion hair oil helps in hair re-growth. A little hair fall is regular for everyone. When the rate of hair fall increases, the growth of new hair in place of it doesn’t take place. It leads to baldness and other hair related issues.
      • Onion hair oil when massaged properly boosts blood circulation, increasing blood supply to hair follicles, which leads to hair growth.
      • The anti-bacterial properties of onion hair oil fight the infection caused by the bacteria on the scalp, which often causes irritation and hair loss.
      • Red onion nourishes hair follicles, increases volume, shine, and hair strength.
      • It contains argan oil, which is rich in natural phenols beneficial for hair follicles and promotes healthy, thick looking hair.
      • The hibiscus flower present in the Oil is rich in vitamin C, which stimulates collagen production and nourishes hair roots.
      • Jojoba oil enhances hair conditioning, leaving manageable and shiny hair. It also treats dandruff issues.
      • Coconut oil helps in hydration of hair and scalp.
      • Olive oil reverses the damage inflicted by pollution and styling products.
      • The onion hair oil for hair growth tames frizz, locks moisture, and prevents split ends.


      Onion hair oil is non-sticky, non-greasy, which makes the hair silkier and stronger with its fast absorption and moisturization properties.

      These advantages prove why you should have this product at your home.

      Why Should You Buy Vanalaya Onion Hair Oil?


      The condition of air getting worse day by day. The dust and other pollutants are not only harming your skins, but it is also affecting your hairs. Your scalp and hair are one of the primary victims of the contaminants. The reason why your hair has dandruff, split ends, thin lining, etc., is because these pollutants are harming the scalp.

      Hence, you must use a product that can solve all the issues in one go. Yes! We are talking about the Vanalaya Onion Hair Oil. This Oil has all the ingredients which can solve your hair problems.

      Moreover, hair oil is liked by many people across the world. It is not only in your budget but also has a proven track record. It helps in preventing breakage of hair. This onion hair Oil helps in fighting with the split-ends at the same time.

      There are no added chemicals or preservatives. So, Vanalaya onion hair Oil is made up of natural elements that nourish your scalp and make it healthier. Other shampoos contain sulfur which is there in the shampoo that can cause itching.

      Also, the smell of hair oil is also very astounding. You may get misguided because of the word “onion” in the name. But the Oil does not smell like an onion when in use. The hair oil can be used by both men and women.

      Just to get assured of its effect you can take a patch test. This will make you understand the impact of the hair oil on your scalp if you are satisfied with the result of the test you can buy the same today!

      The hair oil is readily available on the official website. Also, there are daily discount offers, which makes it a must-have product. Not only there you can find it on Amazon as well. It is one of the most renowned e-commerce platforms which works on a global level.

      So if you are looking for an all-in-one solution for all the hair problems, then this onion hair oil is what you should have.

      How To Apply/Use  Vanalaya Onion Hair Oil?


      The direction of applying the onion hair oils are as follows:

    It is hence, recommended that you should use this hair oil in the specified instructions only. Also, if there is a sign of rashes and itchiness, you should visit a doctor immediately.

    Where Can You Buy The Vanalaya Onion Hair Oil?

    You may be thinking of where can you buy onion hair oil? So the answer to that question lies in the subhead below. Onion hair oils are readily available over the internet. But it is essential to bring to your notice that not all of them are genuine.  We only sell on amazon, flipkart and few other websites.

    You can read our onion hair oil review on amazon and flipkart.You can find the Vanalaya Onion Hair Oil on amazon at a discounted price. Click here to buy onion hair oil from Amazon.  The same is also available to buy on the official store of the brand. You can get it from either of the platforms.  

    Safety Instructions For Using Vanalaya Onion Hair Oil

    Anyone can use red onion hair oil as it is prepared from natural ingredients, and it is also chemical-free. For precaution, try having a skin patch test before applying to the scalp. Onion hair oil is safe for use for both men and women.


    Hair oiling provides multi-dimensional effects. Onion hair oil further prevents breakage and increases tensile strength. Hair oiling should be a part of everyone’s hair regime. Healthy looking, thick, and shiny hair on the head is everyone’s dream irrespective of gender.

    Today, every product we use is chemical compounds. We should use organic products, which are suitable for our skin and has no side eff. Hair, especially for women, is a sign of self-confidence and is tied to the state of its quality. Even in rushed routine, one must devote some time to its health. Instead of panicking over hair breakage and greying, one must stick to unadulterated products like onion hair oil.

    Vanalaya onion hair oil is the magic potion everyone craves. It gives you the perfect hair goals we fantasize about when we see celebrities flaunting their hair on commercials on TV. Onion hair oil helps you turn this dream into a reality. This natural product gives your hair the right nutrition for healthy growth. Power-packed with all the natural ingredients, you don’t have to worry about pollution, heat styling, and other usages of styling products. This red-colored non-sticky hair oil will do its work effectively without evening making you feel its presence. For being the lover of your dream hair, onion hair oil is the right choice.

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15 reviews for Vanalaya Onion Hair oil

  1. Nikita (verified owner)

    Very fast delivery.

  2. Rajesh (verified owner)

    Very well worth the money.

  3. Ganga (verified owner)

    The product is firmly packed.

  4. Lakshmi (verified owner)

    Good service.

  5. sanjana

    Hello, I used it only twice now, It shows a very awesome result. It controls hair fall and dandruff. im very happy to get this product.everyone try this onion hair oil….very good product

  6. Varshini

    Everyday condition of environment and pollution makes a lot of hair problems and causes hairfall. The onion oil from this brand has natural ingredients with good fragrance, its Non-sticky onion oil..
    It is totally different from any other onion oils…
    Must try it and you will never be disappointed.

  7. Smruti

    Instant Result as expected

  8. Nikita

    Very good product. working like a charm

  9. Dinesh (verified owner)

    The product is firmly packed.

  10. Manjunath (verified owner)

    Very well worth the money.

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