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Vanalaya Fig Jam

Fig jam is made up of ripe figs and is mildly flavoured with a distinct sweet taste. Providing plenty of fig jam benefits as it is a rich source of dietary fibre and are packed with nutrients, such as calcium, Vitamin A, Iron, and many more. There are many reasons why you should buy fig jam as it can be used in many ways, such as a spread for your sandwich or in combination with yogurt, ice cream, or crackers. Fig jam has been known to be beneficial in various health problems, such as constipation, diabetes, eye diseases, etc. Figs, when consumed in raw form, also gives a much-rejuvenated look to your hair and skin.

Benefits of Fig Jam:

  • It is used to relieve constipation
  • It is suitable for treating piles
  • It is beneficial for the liver
  • Prevents eye diseases
  • Good for bronchial asthma
  • Useful for treating sexually-transmitted diseases
  • Good for insomnia
  • It increases your energy levels
  • Keeps your skin young
  • Features of Fig Jam
  • Loaded with antioxidants
  • Beneficial for your skin
  • Rich in nutrients and fibre
  • Good for the hair
  • Boosts immunity
  • Safe for all age groups
  • No Artificial Fillers

Benefits of Fig Jam in detail:

  1. Relieves constipation: Fig jam is highly beneficial for constipation as it is rich in fibre and softens the stools. It increases the bulk of stools and allows it to pass through the body smoothly.
  2. Beneficial in Piles: By softening the stools, it reduces the strain on the rectum. The seeds in figs are the active ingredients that are good for piles. By relieving constipation, it helps in the treatment of piles.
  3. Promotes Liver Health: It removes obstructions in the liver and also prevents hepatic damage. It also assists in secretion of bile juices which is responsible for digestion of food.
  4. Suitable for the eye: Fig jam helps to prevent the onset of macular degeneration because of its high vitamin A content, which is an antioxidant.
  5. Beneficial in asthma: Fig jam helps in bronchial asthma by moisturizing the mucous membrane and draining the phlegm. It also fights the free radicals that can trigger an asthma attack.
  6. Suitable for sexually transmitted diseases: It has been known to provide relief from the symptoms of many sexually transmitted infections that are caused by bacteria.
  7. Improves your sleep patterns: The amino acid Tryptophan in fig jam promotes the creation of melatonin, which is needed for good sleep. It also helps in the synthesis of vitamin B3, which induces sleep.
  8. Gives an energy boost: Fig jam’s carbohydrate and sugar content help to boost the energy levels of your body. It provides the energy needed to perform our regular chores.
  9. Prevents ageing of skin: Because of its antioxidants and its anti-collagenase qualities, it reduces wrinkle depth and keeps the skin young. Its high amount of vitamin C is known to lighten the skin tone. 

How to Use Fig Jam

There are various applications of a fig jam:
As a table spread: Toast your bread and spread this delicious fig jam as your breakfast. It is a sweet breakfast dish which also nourishes the body with its micronutrients
As a dessert: Garnish the yogurt with a spoon of fig jam to give it a taste of fig and sweetness. You can also add cut fruits such as orange, kiwi, apple to this dessert.
Top up with Ice cream: Fig jam tastes exceptionally well with vanilla, strawberry icecreams. You can also add some choco chips, fennels.

Why buy from Vanalaya?
Vanalaya is aware of the damage caused to the body by the use of products made with synthetic ingredients and is therefore dedicated to promoting the use of organic products. By spreading awareness of the benefits of such natural products, it aims to make society chemical-free. Its team keeps coming up with 100% safe, innovative products that can benefit all kinds of age groups.
Vanalaya Fig Jam is a pure organic jam made from figs that are naturally ripe and does not contain any artificial colour or preservatives.

You can easily buy the fig jam online also by logging onto Vanalaya’s website and placing an order. The jam is full of necessary nutrients, such as Vitamin C, vitamin A, and calcium, besides also containing cancer-fighting antioxidants and fibre.
Vanalaya Fig Jam is safe for consumption by all age groups and has no side effects on the body. It contains the healing properties of figs. It can be easily made a part of our daily diet and will help to improve our immune system and also enhance the energy levels.
Where can you buy Fig Jam?
You can buy Fig Jam online by ordering from the official website of Vanalaya organics.
How can I make Fig Jam?
Make Fig Jam by tossing the pieces of fig along with sugar in a pan till the figs become juicy. Then add water and lemon juice and let it boil till all the sugar gets dissolved fully. The total soluble solids should be more than 65 Brix.
What are the ingredients of Fig Jam?
The main ingredients of Fig Jam are fresh figs, sugar, and lemon juice.

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  1. Suman

    Amazing healthy Jam without any artificial taste . Worth for buying tis product! Just go for it,,, for a healthy living!

  2. SHAUN

    Really nice flavorful Fig jam. I used on a whole wheat bread sandwich. Worth having on the breakfast table. I am gonna one again soon.

  3. shraboni mitra

    excellent taste considering it is sugar free .. great product for diabetics who can enjoy sweet taste without having.Great for weight watchers, diabetics, kids & everyone else.

  4. shraboni mitra

    excellent taste considering it is sugar free .. great product for diabetics who can enjoy sweet taste without having.Great for weight watchers, diabetics, kids & everyone else. Thank you Vanalaya for this great product:):)

  5. Shoumik Daas

    You probably realise this won’t be as sweet as other jams given it’s low calorie priority but it’s excellent for spreading over bread and biscuits. Of course, weight loss won’t come simply through intake of this jam but it’ll assist you if you also have a proper workout program and diet in order. It’ll also assist diabetics.

  6. Lakshmi (verified owner)

    Good service.

  7. Aishwarya (verified owner)

    The product is firmly packed.

  8. Devesh (verified owner)

    Good service.

  9. Pavithra (verified owner)

    Good quality.

  10. Neha (verified owner)

    The product is firmly packed.

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