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Vanalaya Rose Essential oil 15ml

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rose essential oil
Vanalaya Rose Essential oil 15ml 399.00 Original price was: ₹399.00.250.00Current price is: ₹250.00.
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Rose Essential Oil & It’s Benefits

Rose oil is made from rose petals, which imparts its sweet and floral fragrance along with physiological and psychological benefits. The aroma of the rose oil, when inhaled, releases the good hormone by stimulating the brain. Hence, rose oil finds many potentials use in aromatherapy. The rose essential oil benefits is to promote the holistic well-being amongst people. It is found that this oil contains aphrodisiac and anxiolytic (anxiety-reducing) properties.

Rose essential oil online can be directly applied to the skin to improve the overall tone of the skin and also to relieve pain and inflammation. Rose oil is also used in the perfume and fragrant industry due to its sweet scent.

Rose Essential Oil Benefits:

  • Releases stress and anxiety
  • Alleviate the menstrual cramps
  • Improves memory power
  • Reduces pain and inflammation

Features of Vanalaya Rose Essential Oil Online

  • 100% Purely extracted from Rose
  • No chemicals
  • No artificial fillers
  • Value for price
  • Multipurpose oil

How to use Rose Essential Oil in Daily Life?

When the Vanalaya rose essential oil is absorbed by skin or inhaled, it induces the brain to release endorphins and make you feel good.
Vanalaya recommends the following ways to utilize rose essential oil benefits:
Restorative Bath: Add a few drops of the best rose essential oil available in the market to the water. The aroma releases stress, thus providing relaxation and calmness.
Releases menstrual cramps: One of the leading rose essential oil benefits include alleviating different menstrual symptoms such as night sweat, hot flashes, anxiety, and menstrual cramps. Sprinkle some drops of rose oil on a cloth or tissue paper for inducing aroma in the atmosphere. This helps in relaxing and also application of a few drops of oil on the lower abdomen can be useful
Promotes relaxation: Stress is the leading cause of ailments in the body. Hence, rose essential oil can be used regularly to release good hormones and promotes calmness in the body.

Storage and Dosage of Rose Essential Oil

Rose oil is sensitive to ultraviolet rays (UV); hence it is essential to store only in dark amber-coloured bottles. Vanalaya organics provide excellent packing to ensure the extended-lasting usage of the product. If you want to dilute this oil, then use vegetable butter or cold-pressed carrier oil. Don’t use more than 2% of oil either for aromatherapy or for direct application on the skin.

Why should you buy Rose Essential Oil Online from Vanalaya ?
Vanalaya extracts rose oil from pure rose petals and don’t add any chemicals to their essential oil products. It is committed to providing its end-users with the most genuine quality of oil, which can provide all the potential rose essential oil benefits.

Vanalaya follow all the ethical and quality standard, which makes its oil as the best essential oil brands in India. It is also recommended to conduct a patch test and check if any rashes or irritation is developed

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How do you use rose essential oil?
Rose essential oil can be sprinkled on tissue or in bath water by adding a few drops of it.

Is Rose oil good for wrinkles?
The oil contains high levels of vitamin A which makes it effective against wrinkles.

What can I mix with rose oil?
You can use rose essential oil with other carrier oil such as almond oil and vegetable oil.

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