Vanalaya Forest Raw Honey Unprocessed Unpasteurized Pure natural organic honey

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Size: 500 Gm
600.00 530.00
Size: 1.25 Kg
1,350.00 980.00
  • NATURAL AND PURE: 100% Pure forest raw Honey Unpasteurized, Unprocessed, and Unheated. No added artificial flavor, sugars, additives or colors.
  • UNPROCESSED HONEY: Organic Raw honey is bottled without any processing or heating, so as to preserve all the natural flavor and goodness of 100% pure honey. Collected from deep forest area free from pesticides and fertilizers.
  • FREE FROM ANTIBIOTICS & NO ADDED SUGAR: Our honey is free from traces of antibiotics and pesticide and we do not feed our bees with sugar and we collect honey directly from the forest where the bees collect honey from the nectar.
  • COLLECTED FROM FOREST: Forest honey collected from the forests of Western Ghats are free from pollution, pesticides, antibiotics or other chemicals and we collect honey from the mountain and deep forest regions. This honey comes from the nectar of wildflowers & wild trees of Kerala Forest
  • HONEY FOR WEIGHT LOSS: Lose weight tremendously with honey combined with Lemon in Luke warm water early in the morning. This is the most celebrated recipe for weight loss
Weight700 g



500 Gm, 1.25 Kg

12 reviews for Vanalaya Forest Raw Honey Unprocessed Unpasteurized Pure natural organic honey

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    Good quality.

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  3. Rajesh (verified owner)

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    Good service.

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    Good quality.

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    Good quality.

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    Very fast delivery.

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